„ Every woman can walk comfortably and without pain in high heels.“

That is what Jacqueline Yildirim, the company founder…

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…of JACQ. GmbH declares. With COMDUREN, she discovered a material for shoe manufacture that brings long-lasting comfort eye-to-eye with high-quality design.

JACQ. creates stylish high heels that are simultaneously comfortable and confected to meet the highest quality and finishing demands.

„Sexy is not enough anymore!“

A comfortable shoe no longer needs to mean a shoe compromised in terms of design. The first JACQ. collection unites high fashion design with Italian shoemaker's craftsmanship and is expected to be available in 2017.

COMDUREN is incorporated in the footwear materials and works effectively and discreetly in the shoe's interior to make a dream come true: beautiful shoes that are a pleasure to wear.

You can find further information under www.comduren.com.

About the company

The JACQ. brand is a product of JACQ. GmbH headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, and founded by Jacqueline Yildirim. The company's sphere of activities revolves around the development, manufacture and distribution of a biomechanical substance/material for pressure absorption and shock attenuation in shoes as well as the development, manufacture and distribution of footwear and shoe accessories.

JACQ. completes its value chain with myShoe smart commerce. This new software, based on the newest smartphone technology and SAP Cloud, is looking for a suitable shoe which perfectly fits - without returns - just as easy as playful with your smartphone.

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Smart is the new Sexy :

We're looking for 50 shoe testers!

We are creating the perfect pump. In order to attain this goal, we are searching for 50 female product testers who will accompany us all the way to market introduction. Interested? Then apply now online or via e-Mail to info@jacq.shoes.

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*Please bear in mind that the number of applicants is very limited. We therefore recommend that you fill out our questionnaire completely. Only fully filled-out questionnaires will be considered during selection of product testers.


"Fashion without pain"

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"The Secrets of Germany’s Success"

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"E-Commerce was yesterday - JACQ. Shoes presents smart commerce with its groundbreaking app for consumers and retailers on the SAP cloud platform."

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"Mankind has walked on the moon, surely stylish, comfortable footwear is possible"


"SAP Alumni Network - Stay Connected with Jacqueline Yildirim "

Watch the video and learn about creative ideas, innovative materials, and cutting edge SAP technology that help JACQ. provide the next generation shopping experience for most elegant women’s shoes.

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"High heels with shock absorber"

JACQ. recently caught the attention of SWR’s TV editorial team who met Jacqueline Yildirim for an interview… (in german)

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"From painful feet to the buisness idea"

The Newspaper "Mannheimer Morgen" reports about JACQ. GmbH… (in german)

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The newsletter "Fakten und Faktoren" (Facts and Factors), published by the Mannheim Wirtschaftsförderung, reports about JACQ. GmbH… (in german)

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We look forward to hearing from you!


Hafenstraße 25-27 / C-HUB

D-68159 Mannheim

Tel. : +49 (0621) 150 283 05

e-Mail : info@jacq.shoes



JACQ. designs and manufactures the world's most comfortable and stylish shoes. The brand is a product of  JACQ. GmbH headquartered and founded in Mannheim. The company's innovative core business focues on the development, production and sales of a biomechanical material - COMDUREN - for pressure absorption and cushioning for shoes as well as shoes and shoe accessories. JACQ shoes come with COMDUREN inside - available soon via our own (online) shops and selected stores.


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